Benefits of Using Activity View (Academic Curriculum & Skills Suite)

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Since most teachers assign full topics of activities, why would someone choose to search by activity? This article will show the benefits of the activity view.

To search by activity view:

  1. Click Lessons in the main menu.
  2. Click Activity View and use the filters to narrow the results. Filters include Content Library, Subject, Grade, and State Standard.
  3. To further narrow the search results, search by keyword in the search box above the activity list.
  4. Once an activity has been found, click the white Detail button to the right of the activity title. 
  5. On the Details page, click the more options menu (three vertical dots) next to the Assign button to see additional options, which include adding to group instruction, printing the activity, saving the activity to "My Resources," copying the lesson to edit it, and obtaining a share link for the activity.
  6. Read below for instructions for printing, copying, and sharing activities. "Add to Group Instruction" and "Save to My Resources" happen automatically when the option is selected from the more options menu.

To print the activity: 

  1. Click Print in the more options menu.
  2. In the Print dialog box, edit the various drop-down options and click Print

To copy the activity:

  1. Click Copy to Edit in the more options menu.
  2. A dialog box will open, prompting the user to enter a new title for the activity.
  3. Enter a new title and click OK.
  4. A copy of the activity (with its new title) will be saved in the "My Resources" section of Vizzle.

There may be times when a user needs a link to an activity. For example, sharing the activity with a colleague or pasting it into a presentation.

To get a share link for the activity: 

  1. Click Share Link in the more options menu.
  2. A dialog box opens with the share link. Click the orange Copy button to simply copy the link. 
  3. If the user wants to share the link within Google Classroom, click the green Classroom button. A checkbox under the link allows the user to decide whether to require the student(s) to log in to Google Classroom to access the activity.

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