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Admin - Import Teachers

Set up the teacher list file:

Create the list in a spreadsheet program like Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers.

  1. No header row (column titles) should be included in the list
  2. First column - enter the teachers' first names 
  3. Second column - enter the teachers' last names 
  4. Third column - enter the teachers' email addresses
  5. Save your file as a CSV file 

Import the teacher list file:

  1. On the Teachers tab, select the school from the drop-down menu and click Import
  2. In the file browser, select your CSV file
  3. The Summary dialog will show how many teachers were successfully imported. If there are any errors with a row, the reason will be displayed here. 

Each teacher will be emailed a link to set a password for the account. 

You may need to speak with your IT manager about configuring your district's email server to allow emails from vizzlesystem@govizzle.com.

Note: If you encounter an error saying the username already exists, try searching for the teacher in the Search tab. If no results are found, contact us at support@govizzle.com so we can locate the teacher's account and move it to your district.