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Search, Assign, and Tag Activities with IEP Goals/Objectives

  • Under Search Library from the main menu, use the search filters from the left to select a subject, grade level (click apply), curriculum topic, level, standards, and any keywords. A level must be selected.
  • Click Search.
  • Preview activities in your search results by curriculum topic (s) or all activitites to determine lessons you'd like to assign.
  • Click a activity card to select (Vizzle will highlight selected activities orange).
  • Click the Assign button.
  • In the Assign Activities dialogue box:  
  1.  Select Date(s): Assign activities for a selected date range or for single dates 
  2. Set Single/Multiple Play: When Single Play is enabled, the activity is available until it is completed one time; the activity will not be available again until it is reassigned. When Multiple Play is enabled, the activity can be played multiple times during the assignment period. 
  3. Drag to set activity order: If a single activity is selected, this section will display the activity selected. If multiple activities are selected, you can adjust the sequence in which you’d like the activities to present to the student. Drag activities to rearrange. 
  4. Choose Students: Select to add activities to My Resources or select the student(s) you would like to assign the activities to. 
  • Click Save (Custom Tags) to save the activities to the student(s) and to then tag them for data tracking.
  • Enter a short tag name related to the skill being addressed and click the blue + button to add the tag or select from any existing tags that may be displayed.
  • Click Save.
  • Vizzle will assign the activities and create a goal card with the new tag or add activities to a goal card previously created with the same tag. Activities will be assigned to the student for the date(s) selected.