Schoology and Vizzle Implementation Guide (for district Schoology administrators)

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Configuring the integration between Schoology and Vizzle allows users to easily access Vizzle resources and data in two ways: access the full application from the Schoology App Center, or embed Vizzle resources directly within a course.

In order to use Vizzle within Schoology, the integration first needs to be set up by the district’s Schoology administrator. If you’re not sure if the set-up steps have been completed, please contact your district’s IT team.

Schoology Integration Directions for District Schoology Administrator:

Step 1:  Obtain the Consumer Key and Shared Secret from Vizzle & request to have your district’s Schoology domain whitelisted with Vizzle.

Step 2: Map Schoology and Vizzle user accounts.

Step 3:  Enable Vizzle within the Schoology App Center.

Step 4: Enable Vizzle as an external tool.


Step 1: Submit the Integration Request form

  • Please submit the Schoology/Vizzle Integration form, which requests the following information: Name of district, district Schoology URL, and email address of the person who should receive the Consumer Key and Shared Secret NOTE:  Consumer Key and Shared Secret will be sent via secure email which can only be viewed one time. Please do not share these or store them anywhere except inside of the Schoology Vizzle configuration.

Step 2: Map Schoology and Vizzle user accounts.

In order to use Vizzle as an App or Vizzle as an External Tool within Schoology, user accounts need to be mapped between the two programs. Please submit the following information to Vizzle support so that we can map your accounts:

  1. Please create a two-column .csv file that includes a list of all Vizzle accounts (students and/or teachers) that will need access to Schoology within Vizzle -Column 1: Vizzle username -Column 2: Schoology Username. 
  2. Submit .csv file to and request that our team map the accounts. 
  3. Vizzle will update our internal data with this mapping and notify you once this has been completed.

Step 3: Enable Vizzle from within the Schoology App Center  This step needs to be completed by the Schoology administrator in your districts. (Consumer Key & Shared Secret must have been received from Vizzle prior to completion of this step.)

Follow these steps to install the Vizzle App within Schoology:

  1. Log in to your instance of Schoology.
  2. Click on the App Center icon (the four squares in the upper blue menu bar).
  3. Find the Vizzle application from within the App Center and click on it.
  4. Click on the blue \"Install LTI\" button.
  5. Select "I agree" from the pop-up window.
  6. Select "Add to Organization."
  7. Click on "Configure.”
  8. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret that you have received from Vizzle Support.
  9. Click on the "Install/Remove" button, and then choose the options that best suit your needs.

Step 4: Enable Vizzle as an External Tool Provider  Schoology recommends setting up tool providers at the district level. This method also ensures that the district has full control over the integration and its launch credentials. Follow these steps to set up an LTI external tool in Schoology at the district level:

In your Schoology System Admin account, click Tools in the header.

  1. Select School Management
  2. Click Integration on the left. 
  3. Click External Tools
  4. Click Add External Tool Provider.
  5. Fill out the Add External Tool Provider form with the following information: 
  • Tool Name:  Enter "Vizzle." This is the name educators see when adding external tools to their courses. 
  • Consumer Keys and Shared Secrets: Enter the information that was provided by Vizzle Support.
  • Privacy settings: Select the “Send Name and Email/Username” of the user who launches the tool.
  • Match By: Domain.
  • Domain/URL: Enter the following URL: 
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