Can I add a video from YouTube to the end of a book as a reinforcer?

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I would like to add some video from U-tube to the end of a book as a reinforcer.Is this possible and how do I do that?

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Hi Beth,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, you can create a custom end-of-activity reward to your lesson. Here's how:

-In **Create**, click **Lessons** > **Lesson Options** (in the top menu)
-In the **Playback Options** dialog, click the drop down menu in the **End-of-Activity Reward** section and select **Custom**
-Click the card and use the toolbar to add a video to it

If you want to use a video from a video sharing site, you will need to download the video first. Here are instructions to do that:

Please let me know if this helps.


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