How do you print a book?

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Chat from: patti
Answered by: Joseph Mutidjo

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Joseph Mutidjo 11:43:
Hi there. Thanks for contacting VizZle Support. How can I help today?

patti 11:43:
how do you print a book

Joseph Mutidjo 11:44:
Hi Patti, thanks for your question. Would you like to print a book you've found in the Library, or one in your folder?

patti 11:44:
its in my folder

patti 11:44:
that i found in the library

Joseph Mutidjo 11:45:
Thanks Patti. Not a problem. Do you know how to edit the lesson in your folder?

patti 11:45:
click on the book then click edit?

Joseph Mutidjo 11:46:
That's right. When you open the book in edit mode, there's a tab called Review. If you click that tab you'll see a Print button.

patti 11:47:
thanks a lot!

Joseph Mutidjo 11:49:
You're welcome Patti! Is there anything else I can help you with?

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