How do I prevent students from leaving the VizZle Player iPad app? (How to enable Guided Access)

One of the greatest aspects of using an iPad with students is that is encourages students towards independence and independent use so well. However it can be a real struggle to convince a student to complete the assigned task independently on the iPad rather than just hitting the home button and going to play a game or surf the Web.

Guided Access has solved the problem. Activating Guided Access allows you to temporarily disable the home button, power button and volume button. So you can start an activity for a student to complete independently without having to worry that they’ll abandon it to go to their favorite as soon as they can.

Watch this video and to learn how to turn on Guided Access. (Note that Guided Access is a great feature that became available when Apple released iOS 6. So if you put off upgrading your iPad to iOS 6, you’ll need to do that first in order to use the feature in this video.)


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