Why can't I access VizZle through the browser on my iPad?

Unfortunately, Apple's mobile devices do not support Flash Player, which is required for VizZle Web to run. However, we do offer an iPad app for VizZle Player, which allows you and your students to play VizZle lessons. Click here to learn how to install this app on your iPad. 

Update: Below are alternative options for accessing VizZle Web on the iPad. (Please note that we do not officially support these apps, and VizZle performance may be diminished.)

1) Remote desktop access. You can use an app like LogMeIn to access your desktop computer remotely from your iPad. As long as your computer is turned on you can use your iPad to access VizZle Web from your computer's browser.

2) Flash content-streaming browser. A few browser apps work around the Flash restriction by streaming Flash content from their servers. As app like Puffin Web Browser can stream VizZle Web to your iPad. You can trial the app for free, then upgrade to the paid version if it works well enough for you.


Happy VizZling!

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