How do I create IEP goals and objectives for my student?

To track your student's progress, you can create folders in Teach associated to your student's IEP goals and objectives. Here's how:

  • In Teach, click the expand arrow beside My Students to see a list of your students.


  • Click the name of the student, then click New Goal.


  • Enter the title of your goal in the Enter Goal dialog, then click Create.
  • Click the expand arrow beside the student's name to view the student's folders.
  • To create an objective under the goal you created, click the goal, then click New Objective.


  • Enter the title of your objective in the Enter Objective dialog, then click Create.
  • Important: If you'd like your student to play these lessons in VizZle Player, you'll need to make these folders accessible to your student. To do this click each goal/objective, then click Allow Student Access.


You are now ready to add lessons to your student's goal and objective folders to start tracking progress!


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