How do I assign lessons to multiple students simultaneously?

With the new file management system, you can now assign lessons to multiple students at the same time. This can be done in Teach, with lessons in your My Lessons (or other) folder, as well as in the Library, with public lessons. The process is essentially the same, so below are instructions on how to use this feature in Teach.

  • Select your My Lessons (or other) folder.
  • Select the lesson(s) you want to assign to your students. Use Shift or Control/Command click to select multiple lessons.
  • Click Assign/Copy Lesson in the Activity Summary, or Assign/Copy Selections if you have multiple lessons.


  • In the Assign to Students dialog, checkmark the student folders you wish to assign the lesson(s) to.


  • Click OK.

Your lesson(s) have now been assigned to all the student folders you selected! Please note: If you modify the original lesson, all the lessons in the student folders will also be updated.


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