What are all of these new folders, especially the ones with email addresses?

VizZle 4.7 included a new, easier way to share student's lessons amongst the IEP team. In the short term, this will mean that you see more folders now than you used to.

In old VizZle (4.6 and older), each student came with 3 manila folders and 2 shared folders (with the red arrows). Any materials in a manila folder were not shared because the manila folder was only ever seen by the teacher logged in. Other teachers who also worked with that student never saw those folders. Unfortunately, this seemed to create confusion because different teachers working with the same student, with folders that looked the same, would not see the same materials. This is because, although the folders looked the same, they were not.



In VizZle 4.7 we have simplified folder sharing by making all of a student's folders visible to the entire IEP team. This is why you might see a folder with someone else's email address in the name. That folder always existed, you just never had permission to see it before.



If these extra folders get in the way you can do one of two easy things:

1. You can rename the folder using the Rename Folder button at the top.


2. You can delete the folder using the Delete Folder button at the top.

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