"I can't drag my pictures into my Student Profile..." (or, "I am so NOT feelin' the 'magic'!")

Dear Pam--  

I am trying to add pictures of favorite things to my Student Profile, so the magic media will work. But when I drag a picture in, nothing happens. I am NOT feeling the magic at the moment... Help! 

pain3.jpg   Mundane in Muncie 

Hi Dane--

I'm sorry this has you feeling like a muggle--don't worry--we'll get you back on the Hogwart's Express in no time!


To load the images into the Student Profile:

  1. Click on the Student (to open the student's profile)
  2. Click to turn on the Lock Pane for Edit checkbox (see the screenshot below for the location of the box)
  3. Click your My Media folder in the folder tree to the left. You should see the contents of that folder populate the lower left of the screen (where search returns usually populate--you can use images from the VizZle media library if you prefer)
  4. Drag the image you want into the appropriate square
  5. When you have finished adding pictures, click Save. (I'm not sure why, but I had a heck of a time remembering to do that the first few times I did a profile... I wasn't feelin' the magic then myself...)
  6. Uncheck the "Lock Pane" button, and you can move off to do other things



Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg   Pam

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