"My 'Share with Public' button seems to be disabled..." (or, "But I want my bonus-karma points!")

Dear Pam--  

I made some edits to a lesson I shared to the library a while ago. I think this version would be useful to others as well, but when I tried to share it, the "Share with Public" button in the Activity Summary won't let me click it, and the "Share with Public" box in the Save As won't let me check it. I think it is just WRONG that you keep offering bonus karma points for Sharing, but then won't let me collect! 

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Hi Maddie--

First, thank you for sharing! I am sorry it isn't easier to do in this situation! This is one of those times when the cure turned out to be worse than the disease...  It is a "known issue" (geek-speak for "needs to be fixed") that is now in its second round of "fixing" <heavy sigh>.

Originally, it was too easy to hit that Share with Public button, and users were sending multiple copies to the library (making us VizZle Vets even nuttier than usual). And as well, we creative types kvetched and carped that there was no way to tell if we had already submitted a lesson (Hey--if it ain't written down on a list, I don't remember it anymore... Man, this getting old thing is getting OLD!)

So the developers took that feedback... and ran perhaps a wee bit too far with it. Now it's "Once and done!"--Once you have submitted the lesson, VizZle won't let you do it again.

While we are working on a Baby Bear fix (getting it "just right"), there is a way around it. If you go into edit mode in the lesson, click on the Options tab. On the first screen that appears--the "Lesson Profile"--you'll see a Share with Public button towards the bottom of the screen. This one always works! Find it, and you will earn even more-extra-bonus-karma-points for not only Sharing, but for having to go out of your way to do it!




Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

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