Tools - How do I use a timer or a token board while playing a lesson?

VizZle does allow you to use tools while you're going through a lesson with a student. To do this, you will need to create a playlist first and add both the desired lesson(s) and the timer or token board, then start the playlist. This article describes how to do just that.

  1. Open the workspace where you would like to create the playlist, and in the upper right, click New Playlist.


  2. Type information about the new playlist in the appropriate boxes: Name, Description, and Keywords.


  3. Drag the lesson you would like to use to the Lessons area of the playlist.


  4. Scroll down in the Playlist to view the Tools area. Drag the timer or token board you would like to use to the Tools area of the playlist.


  5. Click Play to launch the playlist.


  6. Once the lesson launches, click Exit/Options in the upper left. You will have to type your password to gain access to the Options pane.


  7. In the Tools section, double-click the tool you would like to show.


  8. Click Resume Lesson. Resize and position the tool as needed. For timers, click the console arrow to start the timer. Click the console arrow again to close. Play the lesson as usual.


And you're done! You can create playlists to combine a number of different tools and lessons, and playlists will also allow you to keep lessons playing continuously.

Happy VizZling!

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