Video: Scheduler (legacy)

This VizZle video tutorial shows how to create a Scheduler board. These interactive boards are helpful for allowing children to see and check off the tasks they have to complete.  

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the use of Scheduler for creating micro and macro schedules.
  2. Add images and text to the What, Who and Where tiles.
  3. Add start and end times to the When tile.
  4. Add activities with images and/or text. 
  5. Add a timer or token board to an activity.
  6. Delete an activity.
  7. View different schedules in a macro schedule.
  8. Change order of schedules in a macro schedule.
  9. Delete schedule.
  10. Preview schedule.
  11. Print schedule.
  12. Change advanced options to adjust reinforcers and end celebrations.
  13. Save schedule.
  14. Send schedule lesson to the Library.


Length: 8:22


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