How does the new toolbar in Create work?

The toolbar was designed to make authoring lessons a lot easier and more in line with popular software applications. Here's an explanation of each button's function.



  1. Add Text. Adds text box to the card (or hotspot).
  2. Remove Text. Removes existing text box from the card (or hotspot).
  3. Image on Top. Changes layout of the card so image is on top and text is on bottom.
  4. Image on Bottom. Changes layout of the card so image is on bottom and text is on top.
  5. Font Color. Changes color of selected text.
  6. Font Type. Changes font type of selected text.
  7. Font Size. Changes font size of selected text.
  8. Bold Font. Changes font style of selected text to bold.
  9. Italics Font. Changes font style of selected text to italics. 
  10. Font Alignment. Changes alignment of selected text (left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned).
  11. Hotspot Shape Picker. Changes hotspot shape (circle, square/rectangle, triangle).
  12. Rotate Hotspot. Changes rotation of hotspot.
  13. Add Image. Adds imported image to card.
  14. Edit Image. Opens image in Image Editor.
  15. Remove Image. Removes image from card.
  16. Add Audio. Adds audio to card (recorded audio, text-to-speech, imported audio); once audio is added, this button provides the options to play the audio, and remove it.
  17. Add Video. Adds imported video to card; once video is added, this button provides the options to play the video, and remove it.
  18. Draggable Card. (For Topic activity only) Changes whether a card is draggable or fixed during lesson play.
  19. Card/Hotspot Background Color. Changes background color of card/hotspot.
  20. Card/Hotspot Border Color. Changes border color of card/hotspot.
  21. Card/Hotspot Border Thickness. Changes border thickness of card/hotspot.
  22. Card Border Radii. Changes the roundness of the card's border.
  23. Hotspot Function. Selects the behavior when hotspot is clicked; options include card popup, matching quiz, fill-in-the-blank quiz, multiple choice quiz,
  24. Edit Hotspot. Edit the content of an existing hotspot.
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    Ean Fakan

    @ #18 - I recall using Vizzle when it first came out and in matching lessons you didn’t have to drag to match; you would just touch the correct answer.  In creating lessons I see that “draggable” check box, but cannot uncheck it.  For my kids asking them to make then confirm the selection is too much comprehension or too complex a task.  How can I get back to the olden days of a one-touch-n-done match?

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