How does Auto-Populate Distractors work?

Originally from ticket #34051.

Hello VizZle,

My teachers create a match game and select "leave blank to auto-populate distractors," but nothing is populated in the lesson that students play. The boxes only contain a text message to add distractor. What are we doing wrong?

Thank you ~ Judith


Hi Judith,

Thanks for your email.

I'm sorry for the confusion. The way auto-populate distractors works is you'll need to have several Matching pages available; when you are on a Matching quiz, VizZle will pull the "answer" cards from the other quiz pages and display them as distractor cards.

If you only have one Matching page, it is best if you add the distractor cards manually. (Note: you can adjust the number of field options by clicking the Activity Options button.)

Please let me know if this helps.


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