"How do I change the field size on a matching board? (Legacy Lesson)" (or, "Where the heck is that little toggle thingee?")

Dear Pam-

I want to use a matching board I created for "errorless" visual instruction. But when I play it, the matching board automatically plays with 3 answers. How do I set it so it plays 1:1?

OY.jpg   Flummoxed in Florida


Dear Flora--

Your problems will be solved with a simple toggle slide in the "options," (Doncha sometimes wish all problems could be solved by a simple toggle slide?)

Here are the steps:





You'll now see the options for board layout, and you can slide the first toggle all the way to the left to choose just one answer (the correct one) displayed. As you slide the toggle, the change in layout will preview on the right, so you know you have done what you set out to do:




Don't forget to save it with the new option setting!

You can use the same lesson to later check for comprehension too! Just follow the same steps and slide the toggle up to a larger field of answers.

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg   Pam

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