"Can I control the Text to Speech pace?" (or, "Roberta Robot's problematic prosody...")

Dear Pam--  

Can I change the rate of speech used in the text to speech function? 

pained.jpg    Querying in Querinda 


Dear Queer,

Short answer?  No. (But can I leave it at that? Hell no! I don't DO short answers...)

The rate of speech for the text to speech (TTS) is fixed--there is no way to change it within VizZle. You will notice though that individual words and two word phrases are pronounced more slowly by the TTS.

Remember that you can always record your own voice to stress certain sounds or reinforce prosody or melody. It is just as easy as using the TTS. For a quick video tour of all the audio functions (led by moi--your friendly tour operator--I'm the one out in front waving the little flag and chivying everybody to stick together), click here.

You'll find the controls under the blue "add sound" button on the lower left of every creation tile (I've pictured a book below, but you'll see the same controls just about everywhere).





Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg   Pam

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