"Can I use imported audio in my custom celebration?" (or, "Gotta love the 'That was easy!' button.")

Dear Pam--  

For some reason, the kids in my classroom find my Staples, "That was Easy!" button hilarious. I found an MP3 of it, and it would be the perfect custom end sound for a token board or a timer. But I can't figure out how to get a custom sound in there. Is it possible? 

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Dear Deedie--

Take heart! Yes you can use a custom audio clip as the completion sound on a Token Board or a Timer!

1) Go into Teach and open your My Media folder

2) Import or drag-and-drop in your custom MP3 sound bite from your desktop (or from whatever folder it is in on your computer)

3) In Create (for either Token Board or Timer) click on your My Media folder, then drag-and-drop the audio file into the Completion Sound box. Et voila!




Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

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