"Can I change an image's background color?" (or "My inner-Rolling Stone NEEDS to 'Paint it Black!'")

Dear Pam--  

The images in the VizZle database are great, but I want to change the background of one the pictures. Can I do that?  

Wondering.jpg  Wondering in Wichita 


Hi Wonderboy--

Yes, you can!  But there is one caveat--it only works if the image is a line drawing, and has a white or clear background. There are a couple of ways to do it, depending on where you are in the VizZle.

Pix-2-go (where you build print-only lessons) has the feature built right in. You can click here to hear me lovingly describe it on video. Here is where to find the controls in Pix:




You can also change the background in these kinds of images anywhere you can access the image editor (so in your folders in Teach, or in any of the Create experiences). You may want to first watch the video on how to use the image editor in general by clicking here (more me, me wonderful me for your viewing pleasure!). You'll then use the background fill tool within the editor. Here's where you'll find it:




You can play with the fill tolerance too, to make it look exactly as you like. Remember that as you get used to it, you can always just "x" out of the editor without saving it and try again. You'll quickly develop into an expert if you spend a little time playing with it!

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg  Pam

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