Image Editor - How do I create a tile or page with more than one picture (Legacy Lessons)?

When you're creating a lesson, you might find it useful to combine two or more pictures. You can combine multiple images using VizZle's Image Editor. Here's how to do that. (Please note: Image Editor is available for all activities except Scheduler, Timer and Token Board.) 

  1. Click Create and open a new activity. In this tutorial we are using a Pix2Go lesson.

  2. Search for the first picture you want to combine. Important: if you want to layer one image on top of the other, search for the one that will be in the back first.

  3. Drag the first picture to the board.

  4. Click the picture and click Edit


  5. Now move the Image Edit window to one side so that you can search for the next picture. Search for the second picture.image_2.png

  6. Drag the second picture into the Image Edit window.


  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to combine additional pictures. Arrange the pictures as desired. Note: Layering will work better with some images than others; setting images side-by-side seems to work well.

  8. For best results, make sure the pictures together take up as much space as possible in the Image Edit window.

  9. When you are finished editing the combined picture, click Save.image_4.png


 The completed tile will replace the original tile in the Pix2Go board.



Happy VizZling!

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