Lesson Prompts - How do I change the prompt type for wrong answers? (Legacy Lessons)

You can change how VizZle reacts when a wrong answer is selected in matching quizzes.

Here's how to do that for Matching Board lessons.

  1. First open the lesson in edit mode, then click the Options tab.prompts_1.png
  2. In Options, first click Advanced Options, then click Additional Options.prompts_2.png
  3. In the Prompting section, you can select whether you want prompts to always be on, always be off, or be randomly on/off. Press the radio button for the prompt option you want for your lesson.prompts_3.png
  4. In the Initial Prompt Type drop down menu, select the type of prompt you want. The first option shows a red "X" when a wrong answer tile is selected. The second option hides the wrong answer tile when it is selected.prompts_4.png

To change the prompt options in quiz popups for other lesson types (like Build-a-Book and Game), expand the options in the Edit Quiz window. You'll be able to turn prompting on or off, and select the type of initial prompt for the quiz.prompt.png


Happy VizZling!

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