How do I email my lesson? (or, "Where the heck IS that VizZleGram button?)

Dear Pam--

I want to send a lesson I made to a parent's email so that my student can do it as homework. But I can't find the VizZleGram button anywhere in the Activity Summary. What's the deal? I thought I could send lessons to any email address!?

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Hi Do-Bee-

You can send any lesson from the Library to any valid email address, and they will receive a version of the lesson that will play in any web browser. The lesson has to be sent from the Library.

So how can you send a lesson you made? Share it! Click the Share with Public button. A copy of your lesson will wing its way to the VizZle Vets, who will moderate it poste haste and send it through to the Library. When you look your lesson up in the Library, you will then see a VizZleGram button in the upper right of the Activity Summary.






It typically takes anywhere from 2 days to a week for a lesson to be moderated and sent through to the Library (and if times are atypical, it may be longer). If you need your lesson right away--no problem! Just let us know and we'll expedite it for you. Email us at with the title you need (the title--not the ID) and we'll notify you with a VizZleGram as it enters the Library (usually within just a couple of hours).

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

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