"Why is the title on my shared lesson different?" (or, "Why'd you people mess with my lesson?")

Dear Pam--  

I submitted a lesson that was accepted into the Library. But when I found it in the Library, the title and the description had been completely changed. How come? 

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Dear Picious,

First off, let me just say, "Thanks for sharing!" Your bonus good karma points are winging your way (can't you just feel them?!).

When you submit a lesson to the Library, you are submitting a copy of the lesson--your original remains untouched in your files. The copy gets a new ID number unique to the library copy.  So nobody has messed with your personal stuff.

When the lesson is reviewed before inclusion in the Library, often the moderator will change the title, so that the lesson will appear in searches with lessons of similar content. It is also standard procedure to remove any student names from titles as well (unless the lesson was authored by a student, in which case their name WILL be in the title).

Lesson descriptions are also formatted for consistency in the Library.  It's not that we thought anything was wrong with yours!  It was done to make sure people searching for it will find it, and understand at a glance what is in it!

The moderator will always copy your original lesson description into the comments, and make sure your original lesson name is in either the keywords or the comments, so that searching the Library by the original title will return the new copy of the lesson.

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

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