"The subject designation for that lesson is less than ideal..." (or, "Pythagorean theory a play skill?!")

Dear Pam--  

I looked up one of the lessons I sent into the Library, and the subject/category/subcategory chosen for it is just downright odd! And I swear it wasn't that way when it was first accepted into the Library a few months ago. What the heck happened? Can it be fixed? 

what.jpg  Mystified in Mystic 


Dear Mystie,

Oh is my face red! Send the lesson ID number to us at lessons@monarchtt.com (or even to support@monarchtt.com --that'd work too) and we will fix it right away!

We are always working to improve the Library, and part of that includes fine-tuning the lesson taxonomy system. In fact, we have had more than one release that has necessitated re-designating thousands of taxonomy tags. (And no Virginia VizZle Vet, Santa can't make a magic sub-routine to do it all for you... and click and drag and save, and click and drag and save, and click and drag and save...)(arf).

I am guessing that perhaps (maybe, perchance) your lesson might have somehow got the short end of the shift... got shafted in the subject-shuffle... got its toes trampled in the taxonomy tango... (I'll stop there--you get the picture). Again, I apologize profusely!  Please send us the ID numbers of any lessons that seem mis-designated if you come across them.

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg  Pam

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