"How can I get my lesson removed from the Library?" (or "Oppps-didn't mean to make THAT public...")

Dear Pam--

I made a lesson and shared it.  It was only after I shared it and saw it in the Library that I realized I used student photos that I shouldn't make public.  How can I get the lesson removed from the Library?

Scared.jpg  Yikes! in Yakima

Hi Yiyie--

No worries!  Just email us at lessons@monarchtt.com (or even at support@monarchtt.com --that'll work too).  It's best if you provide us with the Lesson ID number (each ID number is unique, whereas titles are not necessarily).  

We can either remove the lesson from the Library entirely, or, if you request it, we can replace the pictures with generic kid-pics (that way you don't lose any of those good-karma-points you earned by sharing it in the first place).  

Just let us know, and we'll take care of it immediately!


Dear Pam Small.jpg  Pam

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