What is the VizZle Marketplace (Specialty Content)?

The Marketplace contains VizZle lessons aligned to the curriculums of our educational partners and Texas state standards.

  • Star Autism Support: STAR Autism Support provides curriculum materials, workshops and training to school and agency staff who work with students with autism. STAR's mission is to help others successfully implement research-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques. Specialty Content from STAR includes instructional resources from its Links curriculum to assist students who need to learn independence in daily routines.
STAR_logo.jpg LinksCurriculumHeader.png
  • TEACCH Autism ProgramThe TEACCH approach is a family-centered, evidence-based practice for autism. It is based on a theoretical conceptualization of autism, supported by empirical research, and enriched by extensive clinical expertise. Specialty Content from TEACCH includes teaching material noted for its flexible and person-centered support of individuals of all ages and skill levels.
  • Unique Learning System: The Unique Learning System (Unique) is a standards-based curriculum specifically designed for special learners. Unique subscribers download monthly instructional thematic units of study from Unique and can create VizZle lessons using SymbolStix graphics. Lessons submitted to the VizZle Library are moderated jointly by VizZle and Unique and are always available FREE in the Library as well as in VizZle Marketplace. 
  • STAAR Alternate 2: This resource provides tiered interactive lessons from STAAR Alternate 2 key instructional terms identified by TEA.


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