How Are Lessons Selected for VizZle Gold?

Mining for Gold.jpg   With their combined total of over 40 years of teaching experience in special education and their inordinate number of post-graduate degrees and specialty certifications, we rely on our moderating team to decide what qualifies as VizZle Gold. 

       The purpose of VizZle Gold ratings is to help teachers quickly spot “ideal” lessons. However we are firm believers that any and every lesson that meets the specific needs of the child you are working is really the “ideal” lesson—and only you can decide what that is! A lesson may well not have earned a Gold rating but may be exactly what you need. So take these ratings with the grain of salt inherent and intended: VizZle Gold lessons are generically great lessons—but they may not be specifically what you need.

     There are generally two reasons a lesson is considered for Gold status:

1. It has great/fun content plus a lot of the VizZle bells and whistles, like audio, video, popups or embedded quizzes

And / Or

2. The content seems ideal for teaching or practicing the specific skill at which it is aimed

     The team also strives for a balance; so that searches done using the Subject filters in Library will only return a small portion of Gold that represents the best of that type of lesson (because pages and pages of VizZle Gold lessons in a search return would kind of defeat the purpose…). So, especially in subjects like letter identification… or articulation… or discrimination… or any of the many subcategories where there are hundreds of amazingly strong lessons, you will find a ton of truly terrific lessons that didn’t get a Gold rating.

     So we hope you find the VizZle Gold ratings helpful. But don’t let them sway you from checking out or using any of the other fabulous lessons in Library that might be just what you and the child you are working with need!

Happy VizZling!

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