What is VizZle Gold content?

With thousands of lessons in VizZle's Library, we recognize it can be a time-consuming process to comb through search results to find lessons that best fit your students' needs. Because of this, our Vizzle Moderators have developed the VizZle Gold rating, to help you quickly spot user-submitted lessons the moderators consider to be exceptional in content and quality. (Click here to learn more about our selection criteria for VizZle Gold.)

VizZle Gold content can be easily identified in the following ways:

  • VizZle Gold logo: The VizZle Gold logo appears on lesson icons, and also in the top right corner of Activity Summary.


  • VizZle Gold type: If you view lessons in list view, look for lessons which are labeled VizZle Gold (color coded orange) in the Content Type column.
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