How do I generate a customized student report?

VizZle's comprehensive reporting tool allows you to generate student reports based on tracked data for specific lessons or IEP goals and objectives. This article walks you through the various options you have for generating a custom report for your student.

  • To access your student's tracked data click Report. In the left table, click the name of the student you want to view data for.
  • By default the reporting tool displays all the student's lesson plays. This is reflected in the data table on the top and the graph below it. To generate a customized report, you will adjust the filters in the Report Criteria pane.


  • Click Goals/Objectives or Lessons. This popup has three tabs which allow you to filter data according to current IEP objectives, archived IEP objectives, or individual lessons. Click the tab you need, and check the boxes of the objectives or lessons you want data for. Click OK. The data table and graph will update immediately to reflect your selected options.


  • Click Date and/or Time. This popup allows you to filter data according to a date and/or time range. To filter data according to a date range, click the Start and End date boxes and select the date from the calendar popup. To filter according to a time range, enter a time in the Start and End time boxes. Click OK. The data table and graph will update immediately to reflect your selected options.


  • Click Usernames. This popup allows you to filter data by the user logged in when the lesson was played. Note: a student's username displays if he/she logs in to VizZle Player and plays a lesson. Check the boxes of the usernames you want data for. Click OK. The data table and graph will update immediately to reflect your selected options.


  • Tip: If you need want to remove all filters, click Clear beside the Report Criteria title. To reset a specific filter back to its default setting, click the filter's respective Clear button. 
  • You can easily hide lesson play data you do not wish to include in a student's report. To do this, simply uncheck the lesson's checkbox in the "Show on Graph" column. The lesson data will be starred in the table and will not be included in the graph. Note: Lessons which have no questions (and which result in a 0% score) are highlighted in blue and hidden by default.


  • You can add a note or comment to the lesson play data in the Report table. To do this, click Add in the "Notes" column in the data table. You can enter a note with up to 500 characters. The note can be edited at any time, and by any teacher with access to the student's data. 


  • Check the Combine lesson plays on single line box to display data so that scores for a lesson played multiple times is averaged out. The data table will update and no longer display a separate row for each time a lesson is played; a lesson will be listed once, and the score in the percentage column reflects the average percentage. The data graph also changes from a line graph to a bar graph, with each bar reflecting a lesson.


  • Tip: If you or your student just played a lesson but you are not seeing data for that lesson, click Refresh Data (located near the top right) so the report is updated with recently tracked data. 

To learn about how to read the data table and graph, check out the article here.

Happy VizZling!

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