Getting a "VizZle is not able to connect your session" error even though you logged into VizZle before? Here is what you can do

If you are running into a "VizZle is not able to connect your session" error message even though you were able to log into VizZle recently, you may have not exited VizZle correctly in your last session. 

To ensure your license is released by the VizZle system so you can log into VizZle again, you need to exit VizZle correctly by clicking the Logout button in VizZle's top navigation. 

If you exit VizZle by closing the Internet browser window/tab, or clicking the Back button or Refresh button, your VizZle license will not be immediately released by the system. This may cause you to have trouble logging into VizZle again shortly after exiting.

If you accidentally exit VizZle incorrectly, you will need to wait approximately 15-17 minutes for your license to be released by the system. After this time, you will be able to log into VizZle again. 



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