Preparation: Personalizing the Student Environment

You can personalize the Student Environment in VizZle Player with your student's picture and favorite color in the background. All it takes is a little preparation in the student's profile in VizZle.

Personalizing the Student Environment

  • Log in to VizZle, and in Teach click your student's name to view his/her profile.profile_1.png
  • Click the Lock pane for edit checkbox, then drag images you've imported (or from the library) into the Student profile picture and Favorite Color tiles. Hint: You don't need to import a color swatch: if your student likes the color of Barney, you can import a picture of Barney and VizZle will select the most common color in that picture for the background instead.profile_2.png
  • Click Save.
  • The next time your student logs in to VizZle Player, or when you start the Student Environment after you log in to VizZle Player, the Student Environment will show the changes.


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