Teacher Mode: Starting the Student Environment

Logging in with your own username and password is meant to make it easy for you to launch the Student Environment if your student cannot remember his or her username and password, or if you do not want your student logging in on his or her own. For help with student logins, see Student Mode: Logging in.

Starting the Student Environment

  • Log in to Vizzle Player.
  • You will notice the folders in the left pane of VizZle Player match what you have in VizZle. Navigate through the folders to find the one you would like your student to play. (Please note: You can start the Student Environment for any folder with lessons, including the child's Student Player folder and an IEP Objective folder.
  • Once you reach a folder that has playable lessons, the Start Student Environment button will become active in the upper right. Click it when you are ready for your student to start playing. (Please note: You may also choose to allow your student to play in folders under My Vizzle.)
  • Choose Student Select or Auto Play. Click Play
    Student Select: The student is shown the lesson icons and can choose the order in which lessons are played.
    Auto Play: The lessons are presented to the student sequentially, similar to a VizZle playlist. 
  • If Student Select is chosen, the student will be allowed to play each lesson only once until all the lessons in the folder have been completed.
  • To exit the Student Environment, click Exit in the upper left and enter your password. You will be returned to the Teacher Environment.


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