Preparation: Setting up your students

To make the most of all the features in VizZle, you will need to set up your student roster in VizZle. Here is how to add students to your account: 

  • In Teach, click My Students in the left pane.


  • On the My Students page you'll see the School Roster section, which has two tables: 
    • Available District Students: The left table lists students who have been added by you and other teachers in your school district. 
    • Your Students: The right table lists students you currently have in your roster. 
  • If the left box already has students listed, you can scroll through this list to see if the student you want to add to your account has already been created. If the student already exists, click the checkbox beside the student's name, then click Move Checked. This adds the student to the right table and into your account. (Note: You won't be able to see the added student in your folder tree until you restart VizZle.)


  • If you are adding a new student (that is, one that is not already listed in the left box), click Create New Student(Note: It is very important that each student only have one folder that the whole team uses. Double check to make absolutely sure the student isn't already on the roster before you add a new student.)
  • In the Student Details section, enter the student's information, then click Save.
    • Username and Password: These fields are for creating the student's login credentials so the student can log in to VizZle Player on his/her own. (Note: Only lowercase letters can be used for the Username. Also, the system will let you know if the username you have entered already exists and will suggest an available student username you can use. Unfortunately capital letters can't be used for student usernames.) 
  • The new student you've added will appear in the right table, Your Students, and you will be prompted to restart VizZle. (Note: You should receive an email at your registered email account to notify you of the new student's account.)
  • When you log back in and go to Teach, click the expand arrow beside My Students. You'll see the names of the new/existing students you added.



Happy VizZling! 

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