"How can I get to Full Screen Mode in VizZle Web?" or, "I DESPISE that Stinkin' Back Button!"

Dear Pam--

I like using VizZle Web, but having all the browser controls there takes up a lot of room. Even worse, I tend to use the browser controls when I don't mean to, and end up exiting VizZle unexpectedly. Any suggestions?

angry2.jpg  Getting Ticked in Tickflaw


Dear Tick,

As the "back arrow" is the bane of my creating existence, I feel for you! Yes, there is recourse! Full screen mode is just the ticket.

In Windows or Linux, the F11 key is the magic bullet. F11 will make your browser go into full screen mode, and hitting F11 again will take you back out of full screen

Not being a Mac gal, I can't personally attest to it... but the techies tell me that the Mac version is to hit (all at the same time):


Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg  Pam

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