"Some images are missing when I print..." (or, "Gah! I'm killing whole trees here...")

Dear Pam--  

I needed a print out of the book I made, but some of the images didn't print. This happened in a Pix lesson too. What is the deal?  

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Dear Aggie--

Yes, I have had the same happen to me too... Usually, it all prints just fine. But then one day I get a missing picture here, or a broken image icon there. Have you ever noticed that it seems to happen more when you are in a rush to get the project done, too? (Or is that just me, and my personal never-ending war with Murphy?)

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot we can do about it on our end--because it isn't VizZle. It is your internet connection having what amounts to a case of high-tech hiccups. There are some things you can do to make it less likely though, because it more often happens when you are requesting a lot of information to load all at once--like if you have a lot of pictures on one page (like in multi-page Pix2Go boards) or the image itself is very large.

If a specific image is consistently being dropped, try replacing it with a smaller image. Don't know what that means? Check out my ab fab video tutorial all about importing pictures by clicking here or, if you prefer print advice, click here.

But if it is scatter shot images giving you trouble, first, try closing any extraneous programs you might have open and running at the same time (the idea being to free up as much crunching power as possible, because printing eats up a lot of memory and CPU resources), then try one of these work arounds:

Option 1: Instead of going to Overview and Print and pressing Print, choose Print Preview. That will load fewer pages and therefore fewer images at a time. Then click Print Current Page. You may have to send several pages to the printer separately, but you should have better results in the end.

Option 2: Close the board that's giving you trouble and reopen it. Because the images that loaded at first will be cached, other images will "catch up" when you reopen, and then you should have more images printing.

Option 3: If you are using Pix2Go and you have a lot of image-heavy pages, consider breaking it up into smaller files (for instance, instead of one lesson with 10 pages, consider making it 5 lessons with 2 pages each). The board will render for printing faster that way.

(I know this last option is a groaner--especially if you have already created that 20 page board--but it's similar to when you try to open a media-heavy webpage: the more information you have on the screen at a time, the longer it will take to fully load, and the more likely you are to loose something in the connection.)

Finally... You may have to resort to the old, "try again later." I know that is sooo not helpful when you need something right then, but, unfortunately, it is most often the answer. Your network is too busy with other requests or something is wonky in the air at the moment.

If none of those work... You have issues, either with your internet connection (probably the case if you have some kind of "high speed" service that seems awfully damn slow to you), or with your printer connection/cable, that you'll need to get help with from you handy dandy local IT person (or pre-teen).

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg  Pam

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