"Why doesn't part of the video match what's in the program? (or, "Are you messing with my head?")

Dear Pam--  

I was chugging along through the VizZle 101 videos, when I noticed that what I saw in the training video didn't exactly match what I am seeing on my screen when I am in VizZle. What is the deal? 

anxious_2.jpg  Baffled in Baffin 


Dear Baff--

One of the great things about VizZle is that we are constantly working to improve the program, and we release major new updates just about every three months, with all kinds of improvements and new features. We are the Speedy Gonzaleses of the education software world when it comes to adding new stuff! And we worker bees are a'buzzin' getting everything ready for each release.

For the most part though, we can't update the training materials pre-release (we just can't get the necessary screen shots or footage until the new stuff is actually up and running in context). So we work like the busy little beavers (beavers, bees--we are just b-busy!) to get everything in order as fast as we can post-release. I apologize for any confusion this may cause in the meantime. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact us at support@monarchtt.com--we're here to help!

And sometimes, for instance if just the look changed, but the functionality remained the same, I figure y'all are smart cookies, and wouldn't want me to unnecessarily strain my fabulous vocal instrument by needlessly redoing the video (you are so, so good to me--sniff, sniff. Thank you!)

Hope this helps!

Happy VizZling!

Dear Pam Small.jpg  Pam

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