Getting Started - Vizzle Essentials Guide

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Step 1: Build/Adjust your student roster in Vizzle.

  1. From the main menu within Vizzle, click Classroom.
  2. Then, select Student Management from the submenu.
  • Remove students from your roster by clicking on the red "X".
  • First, add existing student profiles from your building by clicking the Add Student button and then the green + next to their name.
  • If a student is new to the district or is new to using Vizzle and does not have an existing Vizzle student profile, click the Create Student button to create a new student profile. 
    • To prevent creating duplicates for a student, please check your roster and the add student first. NOTE: This button is disabled for districts rostering through Clever. Please contact your administrator to have the student added.
  • If the Add Student button is disabled, contact our support team through the in-app chat for help.
  • Watch the video below to see these steps in action.




Create Student Groups to make the assignment process even faster.


Step 2: Personalize your students' Vizzle learning environment.

  • Student & Teacher Settings "How-to" video


Step 3: Search & Assign from Vizzle's Lessons.

  • Vizzle's Lesson Libraries Overview "How-to" video


  • Searching for activities using the Exact Match tool.


Step 4: View and filter student data.


Send home a parent letter with instructions on student login.


*If you have any trouble accessing Google Docs, please message our in-app chat to request a PDF file.



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