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Getting Started - Vizzle Essentials Guide

Step 1: Build/Adjust your student roster in Vizzle.

  1. From the main menu within Vizzle, Click "Classroom"
  2. Then, from the toolbar, select "Student Management"
  • Remove students from your roster by clicking on the red "X".
  • First, add existing student profiles from your building by clicking the "Add Student" button and then the green "+" next to their name.
  • Only if a student is new to the district or is new to using Vizzle and does not have an exisiting Vizzle student profile, click the "Create Student" button to create a new student profile. To prevent creating duplicates for a student, please check your roster and the add student first. NOTE: this button is disabled for districts rostering through Clever. Please contact you administrator to have the student added.
  • If the "Add Student" button is disabled, contact our support team through the in-app chat for help.

Create Student Groups to make the assignment process even faster.

Step 2: Personalize your students' Vizzle learning environment.

Some settings can be managed for all students under "My Classroom" (jump to 7:35 in the video to see how to use this option).

Step 3: Assign lessons from our K-12 tiered curriculum or library.

Vizzles Curriculum Resources

  • Vizzle's K-12 Tiered Curriculum video - Easy-to-use K-12 curriculum with unit guides, lesson plans, and tiered activities that can quickly be assigned for groups and independent work. Assessments and automatic data collection monitors and tracks progress.

Search Library to Assign Lessons to your Students

Vizzle's Lesson Leveling Descriptions

Step 4: View and filter student data.

Send home a parent letter with instructions on student login.

*If you have any trouble accessing Google Docs, please message our in-app chat to request a PDF file.